Financial Calculators

The best decisions are made from a foundation of knowledge, research, and understanding.  Financial calculators are provided to help you have clarity for your financial decisions.  Baker Krizner is your resource for helping you understand your financial position.  Our Financial Advisors can help you establish benchmarks for your financial situation and develop key plans to achieve your goals.  The self-help calculators give you a jump start to your planning meeting with Baker Krizner!

We offer these financial calculators as part of a complete tool kit of resources.

Mortgage Payoff

This calculator will give you a better understanding of your mortgage structure and provide you with an amortization schedule.

Retirement Planner

A happy and well-funded retirement is the goal for many of our clients.  Use this calculator to gain perspective regarding your retirement funding plan.

College Savings Planning

Ensuring a well-funded education for our children and grandchildren is a legacy many clients desire.  Use this calculator to help develop or fine tune your education savings plan.

Net Worth

A cornerstone for accurate financial planning is knowing your starting point and benchmarking your progress.  This calculator allows you to calculate your current net worth and project it for the next ten years.